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What's your Basketball IQ?

This 20-question test is designed to test if you have an Elite Basketball IQ.

Once you make it to the end, you will be able to access your results via email.

How will you prepare for college success?


Will you improve this off-season? Take this mini-course to learn how to psychologically pinpoint your strengths & weaknesses from last season, as well as create your own workouts to make next season your best season.

The Basketball IQ

The best players in the college game are separated not by talent, but by Basketball IQ. If you want to spend your freshman year playing (and not watching from the bench), master these elite principles before you head to campus.


Being recruited by a college is an exciting accomplishment, but it's not easy to navigate such a confusing time. This course will give you the tools you need to get the right school's eyes on you and make the best choice for your future. 

Who is Lili Thompson?

Lili Thompson college basketball player dribbling

Hi, I'm Lili Thompson and competing and winning at the highest levels of basketball is my passion and expertise.

I started my career at Stanford University in 2013 and I'm currently a 5th-year player at the University of Notre Dame.
I've played in the Final Four, beaten UConn, and been the leading scorer on the nation's #1 ranked team.

 It’s that experience that
helped me find my passion: 

to help young, elite athletes find
success in their own college careers.

So welcome to SeriousAthletesOnly.com

I hope that the information you find here will help you prepare yourself to have an amazing, successful college basketball career.

If you ever have any questions, shoot me an email at SeriousAthletesOnly@gmail.com