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How to Read the Weekly Schedule

Each week, I’ll put a schedule (like the one you see above) at the top of the post.

Here are a few notes to help give you an idea of how a college athlete’s time isĀ really spent:


  • I’m getting my Master of Science in Management degree from the Business School. My current classes are:
    • Managerial Accounting (2x/week)
    • Corporate Finance (2x/week)
    • Micro/Macro Economics (2x/week)
    • Management Speaking (2x/week)
    • Boardroom Insights (1x/week)


  • Practice usually goes for around 2 hours a day, but its pretty intense (I’ll dive into exactly what practice is like in a later post). The thing most people forget about is that it takes a while to get ready for practice. If we have class right before practice (like I do on most days), then we have to rush over. But on weekends and other days, we usually get to practice around an hour early. This gives us time to change, get taped, stretched, etc. If we want to get up shots before practice (which is always a good idea), we get there even earlier.


  • In pre-season, we lift two-to-three times a week. In-season, that changes to one-to-two times a week. Either way, staying strong throughout the season is always a big focus. I’ll take some time in a later post to explain what our strength-training regimen is like.


  • Treatment differs for every person. Some people spend very little time in the training room, and others need a bit more. For me, a lot of my time is spent foam rolling and getting treatment on my ankle after my pre-season injury.


  • Check out my week one post to see exactly what a game day is like!


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2 thoughts on “How to Read the Weekly Schedule

  1. Thank you for sharing your calendar. I have players that don’t use their time wisely and foam rolling and treatment are critical and I love that you mentioned getting to the gym early to get u extra shots. So critical and most players miss the boat on this. I wish you all the best!

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